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Xerox Printer Offline | Call for Support Now

Are you looking to get the solution to your Xerox Printer Offline Error? Your tiring search ends here. You can get the solution to any problem that you face on your Xerox Printer from the professional team of experts. Contact with our Xerox Printer Support team anytime you face some annoying error on your printer. Be it a simple printer offline error or some issues with the printer installation we can resolve anything and everything for our customers.

Xerox Printer Offline

Xerox machines have good market share since long. Actually, they produce the perfectly built printers suitable for every industry needs. Superb designs and user-friendly attire make these printers a household name. But being just a machine it is so obvious that the printers will meet errors and glitches. It is the case with your Xerox Printer as well. As we know an error does not come with a notice. It can be the particular time you need it most.

So, your need for an exclusive support team who can help you in resolving all the error you face in a stipulated time can be easily justified.

Xerox Printer Support – Exclusive Support For Xerox Printer

Our Xerox Support team can be the savior even in the odd hours. We are available at your service 24/7. Since our diligent engineers and technicians work round the clock it does not matter when you are facing an error you can always expect a timely solution to your problem. We have some highly experienced technicians and engineers in our team. Their expertise can come into play whenever you face some complex issue with your Xerox Printer. Subscribe the exclusive service packages from our Xerox Support to get an uninterrupted working experience with your Xerox Printer.

Anyway, as you scroll through you are going to get some easy fixes for your Xerox Printer Offline Error. All these steps can give you a temporary fix for your problem. But for a long-term resolution, you must contact our Xerox Support Team.

What Causes Xerox Printer Offline?

There are various reasons because of which users face Xerox Printer Offline error on their computer. Here is a glimpse of the error that causes you the problem.

  • Connectivity Issues
  • Missing Xerox Printer Driver
  • Xerox Printer is Not Set As Default Printer
  • Outdated Printer Driver
  • Problem With the Print Spooler Service
  • Any Physical Damage to the printer

How To Fix Xerox Printer Offline Error?

As you already know the causes behind this cause, now you must be getting anxious to learn the troubleshooting tricks to discard Xerox Printer Offline Error. Alright, a number of tricks are there that can eliminate the causes instantly. You just need to identify the exact reason behind your printer offline issue. Only then you can proceed with the accurate fix which is needed to eliminate that particular reason.
However, we jotted down all the basic yet most effective solutions here. Scroll down to know more.

Fix Connectivity Issues

One of the major reason behind Xerox Printer Offline issue is your connectivity error. Before you look for another fix you must check your printer connection firstly. If there is an issue then follow the below steps to discard it instantly.

  • Switch off your printer, firstly
  • Then, restart it by tapping the power button
  • After that, check the connectivity of your printer
  • In case you are using a USB Cable, then you should make sure that the cable is properly connected. Most importantly, ensure that there is no dispute and the cable is working properly. If your USB cable is completely ok but, you are still facing the issue then the USB ports of your Xerox Printer can be responsible. So, you need to check your USB ports to confirm they are working properly
  • If you use a wired connection then you have to make sure that your Ethernet port is working properly. Sometimes, the cable can be the hub of disputes and in this case, you should repair your cable to fix your printer connection
  • When you use a wireless connection, ensure that your router is working properly. In case there is an issue with your router, you need to fix it as soon as possible to provide your Xerox Printer with a proper connection

If your printer is connected properly then you must look for another solution to fix your Xerox Printer Offline issue. Look below for another troubleshooting steps.

Fix The Print Spooler Services

When there is an issue in the print spooler service of your Xerox Printer you can face this printer offline error out of the blue. So, what you need to do? There are certain ways to solve the issue of your Print Spooler. Follow the instructions below to discard the error within a couple of minutes.

  • Press the Windows Key+ R button at a time
  • Now, type “services.msc” within the search box and hit the enter button
  • After that, press the button “P” to locate your Print Spooler item faster
  • Have a look at the status then- if it’s running
  • If there is no trace of the status then you have to right-click on the Print Spooler Service and click on start
  • For a restart, you have to right click on the Print Spooler and hit the restart option
  • Close the properties window finally

You are done with this process now. If your issue gets fixed then good enough. But if your Xerox Printer Offline issue is still bothering you then you must look for another trick. You don’t need to go anywhere for that, as you are getting it within a few scrolls.

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Xerox Printer Driver Issue

Sometimes, the printer driver can be the main culprit behind the Xerox Printer Offline issue. So, in this case, either you need to update your driver or install a driver software. Now, if you are thinking like, why you need to install a printer driver! Then let us tell you that, the printer driver is a must thing, in order to work with your printer without any interruption.

However, below steps will lead you to the printer driver software download, follow now.

  • Visit the Xerox Support Website
  • Then, find the ‘Drivers & Downloads’ button from the top right corner and select it
  • Now, you need to select the product series followed by the model name of your printer to get the exact driver
  • Next, a list of driver software will be provided, you need to choose the exact one as per your PC version
  • After that, download the Xerox Printer Drivers that are required for your printer
  • Give a few minutes to complete the download process
  • Once the software gets downloaded you need to locate the file from your hard disk
  • Now, it’s time to open the file by double-clicking on it and selecting the yes button
  • After that choose the language and go through the license and agreement carefully
  • Finally, hit the install button to complete the whole process
  • Now, restart your PC

If you have already installed the printer driver, still you are facing Xerox Printer Offline issue then you must check if your driver is running with the latest version. If it is not updated then try to update the printer driver as soon as possible.

That’s it! You are done with the basic troubleshooting steps of this Xerox Printer Offline issue. If there is nothing major then your issue should get fixed, after performing these steps. But if there is something big reason and your issue persists, then you must take an expert’s help. For that, you can connect with our team of skilled professionals. 

Looking to get in touch with our team of experts? Here is how you can reach us.

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We use multiple channels to connect with our clients. So, you can get in touch with us anytime via one of those channels. Whenever you got a question, talk to our c-level executives. They will hand you the solution immediately. Now, have a look at the methods of reaching our HelpDesk.

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