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Google Cloud Printer Offline | Get Help from Google Cloud Expert

An unavoidable problem with the Chrome Operating System that the users face is a problem with the Google Cloud Printing. Google Cloud printing is easy and convenient. Rather, ‘handy’ would be the perfect word to describe the Google Cloud Printing features. But it is not perfect. In lots of occasions, you will face errors and glitches with it. Among the list of Google Cloud Print error, ‘Google Cloud Printer Offline’ is the most annoying one.

Google Cloud Printer Offline

An expert’s guidance to fix your Google Cloud Printer Offline error can go long and will definitely help you to avoid this kind of issues in future. So, if you are facing the same Google Cloud Printer Offline error you are about the get the fixes. Just with a few clicks of your mouse visit our Google Cloud Print Support portal and talk to the experts about the problem you are facing. They will guide you with the most effective solutions to your problem.

Google Cloud Print Support

We are a team of highly skilled professionals. We are here to guide you with all the Google Cloud Print Error you face on your device. Starting from Google Cloud Printer Offline error to Google Cloud Print Setup related issues we can fix almost everything. Whenever you meet an error contact our Printer Offline Support forum and let our experts assist you with the resolution. Besides the above-mentioned, here is what we can resolve for you.

Google Cloud Print Not Working

  • Google Cloud Print Not Working on Chromebook
  • Google Cloud Print Registration
  • Problem with Google Cloud Print App Download
  • If you are looking to use Google Cloud Print Without Chrome

This is just a glimpse, we serve a long line of customers every day with various issues related to Google Cloud Print. So, if you are facing something different you must not worry at all. Our experts have the fixes ready for you.

If you are here to get some fixes for your Google Cloud Printer Offline error you must scroll through. You are definitely going to get some temporary fixes.

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Why Users Face Google Cloud Printer Offline Error?

Knowing the reasons behind the error you are facing issues a lot. It not only gives you a better understanding of the problem but also helps to avoid it in the future. So, you must give a look at the things that caused you the issue. Following are the most common reasons users face Google Cloud Printer Offline error,

  • Problem With the network connection
  • An outdated or missing printer driver
  • Use of wrong or faulty ports
  • An issue with the router firewalls
  • An Outdated version of Google Chrome

Apart from these, there can be some other errors as well. But as we have mentioned earlier, these are the most basic reasons behind your Google Cloud Printer Offline error you can fix these issues if you are just a skillful computer user. Though, it is not necessary for everyone to have the skill. Simply connecting with our experienced support professionals you can troubleshoot all these issues.

How To Fix Google Cloud Printer Offline Error?

Check The Network Connection

You need to have your internet connection up and running when you try to use Google Cloud Print from your computer. So, whenever you face some problem with the Google Cloud Print the first thing you should look for is your network connection.

If there are no issues with the network connection itself there must be some others. Try the other fixes then.

Verify The Ports

To work with Google Cloud Print on your network, ensure the following:

  • Firstly, Open ports 80 and 443 to allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic
  • Then Open port 5222 to allow XMPP message traffic

Now, check whether it solves your problem or not. If the same Google Cloud Printer Offline Error message pops out on your screen then you must go with the next solution.

Check firewalls

You are might facing the problem because of your router. If your router has a firewall or uses IP filtering, it can block your print jobs. In that case, you need to change your firewall settings. Try the following steps to do so,

  • At first, locate your router
  • Then Open the firewall configuration
  • Finally, Allow traffic on port 5222

Still facing the same error? Check for Google Chrome browser update.

Update Google Chrome

You need to keep your Chrome updated to use the Google Cloud Print without any hindrance. So, if you are facing Google Cloud Printer Offline error you should not forget to check update for the Chrome.

To check whether the browser is updated or not

  • Open your Chrome Browser
  • Then at the top right, look at the  more icon; the three dots under the close button

If the update is pending the icon will be colored:

  • Red: Update available for 7 days but not installed
  • Orange: An update is pending for 4 days
  • Green: Update is been available for two days

Now if you find you need to update Google Chrome follow the steps below

  • Firstly, Open Chrome from your computer
  • Then Click More
  • Now, Select the Update Google Chrome Button. If you can’t find it then you already have the latest version
  • Finally, Click Relaunch

After trying all these steps to fix your Google Print Offline error if the problem has not fixed yet then we must tell you don’t have any relevant solution left to try on your own. Therefore, in these circumstances what you can do is to reach for experts’ assistance. You can contact our professional team of experts by following one of our contact channels.

Connect With Google Cloud Print Support

You have various options to get in touch with our highly experienced team of experts. You can,

Call Us: Dial our toll-free Printer Support Help-Line Number +1-234-2346-234 and ask the support executive available there for assistance.

Email Us: The other option you have is emailing us about the problem you are facing. Enlist all the issues you are facing in an email and send it to our official email id:

Chat With Us: We have a dedicated Printer Chat Help portal. You can come to our portal whenever you face some problem with the Google Cloud Print and talk to our chat support executives.


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