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Canon Printer Offline | Get Canon Printer Support

Is your Canon Printer showing you the printer offline error though it is connected to the wireless network? Well, this is one of the most frequently reported problems among the Canon Printer users. Canon is one of those unmistakable names in the printing industry since long. But anyone of us can’t deny the fact that at times our Canon Printer shows error and glitches and among all those errors Canon Printer Offline is the most frustrating one.

Canon Printer Offline

If you are facing the Canon Printer Offline Error on your computer and looking for proper assistance here is the good news for you. Dial our Canon Printer Tech Support Phone Number and get the right assistance to resolve your issues.

What Causes Canon Printer Offline & Canon Printer Drivers Error?

As we believe having the right knowledge of the things that cause a particular error is important to fix the issue from scratch we have come up with the cause of the error you are facing. There can be a lot of issues that can make you face this annoying Cannon Printer Offline error. But some of them are very basic. Have a look and it will be easier for you to understand everything about this problem.

Canon Printer Offline Windows 10

  • Your Printer is Not Connected Properly
  • A Faulty Printer Hardware
  • The wireless network has some issues
  • Missing Canon Printer Driver
  • The printer is not set as the default one
  • Outdated Printer Driver


Fix Canon Printer Offline Error | Get Canon Support


Firstly, Clean Your Printer

As we have told earlier that faulty hardware can be the sole reason behind the error you are facing you must give a look at your printer hardware. You must clean your printer periodically for error-free operation. Otherwise, you might have to face this type of offline error or some other server errors. Anyway, for now, follow the given steps and check whether your Canon Printer Offline Error gets resolved or not.

  • At first, Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable
  • Then, open cover of the printer and check for any orange tape or white polystyrene and untag it if necessary
  • Now, make sure there are no unnecessary objects such as paper clip and others are present inside the printer
  • Then take an alcohol-sterilized cloth and clean the spooler and print head
  • Finally, close the cover and reconnect the printer. Then turn it on

It is a temporary fix. So, the possibilities are high that the error comes back after some time. If you are looking for some long-term and reliable fixes for your Canon Printer Errors get in touch with the highly qualified engineers and technicians available at Canon Printer Support portal.

Problem not solved yet? You can try some other fixes as well.

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Reset Your Printer

Resetting your printer can fix the problem temporarily. We think resolving the issue for the moment will help you to finish the work in hand. So follow the step below to reset your printer:

  • Simply, locate the Reset button on your printer. Now, Press and hold down the Reset key approximately for 10 seconds

Still Facing the problem? Well, the last thing you can try is to install the right driver software for your printer.

Install Canon Printer Driver

Finding the right driver for your printer and then installing it on your own can take a lot. You should always take experts’ assistance at the time of driver installation. But if you are looking to do it at your own you can follow the steps given here,

  • At first, visit the Canon Support Website
  • Now, move to the top right corner of the webpage and locate the ‘Drivers & Downloads’ Button and
  • Then, Select the ‘Drivers & Downloads’ Button
  • As you proceed to the new page choose the Canon Printer for which you need the driver software.
  • Now, select the product series and the model name for which you need to find the Driver
  • After that, a list of driver software will be shown to you. Choose according to your PC version, from the list given
  • Now Download the Canon Printer Drivers you require for your Printer
  • Here, you need to wait a few minutes until the file gets downloaded
  • After that, locate the file from your computer hard disk
  • Now, Open the file by double clicking on it and Select the yes button
  • After that, Choose the Language and then you need to read the license and agreement
  • Finally, Click the install button to install the Driver on your system. The whole process will take some time to complete
  • After the installation process gets completed Restart your PC

If you are not an expert in this field you should not try these steps on your own. You must take assistance from the experts. Here is an overview of our multiple contact channels for you.

Contact Canon Printer Support Tech Support

Call Us: Dial Toll-free Canon Printer Technical Support Number +1-234-234-2345. Our experts will surely help you to fix Canon Printer Offline Error.

Email Us: Draft all the problem you are facing in a mail and send it to our official Canon Printer Support Email id:

Chat With Us: We have a separate chat support portal as well. Whenever you face a problem you can visit Canon Chat Support portal for the must-have fixes.


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